Sale & Purchase Mortgage

Most of us will move home several times in our lifetime. You may be buying your first home, buying a bigger home for a young family, relocating, or downsizing.

Moving house can be a stressful time, and at Elmham Financial we like to take the hassle and trouble out of choosing and arranging your new mortgage, all free of charge.

Porting An Existing Mortgage

If you are currently in a fixed rate deal and thinking of your next move, you may be wondering how early repayment charges may affect you. In some cases, the ability to ‘port’ (pick up the mortgage and move it to a new property) a mortgage, meaning that you will stay on the same deal you currently have.

Porting a mortgage is similar to a normal purchase mortgage, in the sense that the same checks and verifications will need to be completed by the lender. You may also wish to borrow more money to buy a bigger home, and these checks would also apply to this.